Hackthis Basic + (1)

Download the file and try to read the hidden message. You might want to check up all the different file types there are. You have text files: file.txt Picture files like file.jpg, gif, png, or bmp. If, as in this case it is supposed to be a text file, what would you see if you open it up with notepad?

Hackthis Basic + (2)

This is a very simple level. Don't go looking for a user browser called "Secure browser" or a "secure_user_agent" I've changed my actual user agent in the browser settings. Depending on the browser you are using will depend where your User Agent is stored. (check out User Agent in Google) you will find out all you need to know there.

Hackthis Basic + (3)

A lot of interactive content on the internet is achieved using Flash. If Flash needs to communicate with a server it does so in exactly the same way a normal page would. This is a SWF file (Small Web Format) which is a Shockwave SWF file. Nice simple level.

Hackthis Basic + (4)

In this level we are presented with a picture file where there is some hidden data we will need to pass the level. All you really nee is a text editor like notepad to find what you need to pass the level.

Hackthis Basic + (5)

The only thing to say about this level is that it is more or less the same a level 4. Use the same notepad to find what you need.

Hackthis Basic + (6)

Will upload soon.

Hackthis Basic + Level (7)

In this level you will need nmap whick is a network security scanner. Download it and install and run it as you will need it for this level.
HERE: https://nmap.org/